NSFOCUS Unveils New DDoS Mitigation Solution with Contextual Analysis

NSFOCUS to demo Attack Threat Monitoring at RSAC USA in San Francisco
from March 4 -8, 2019 [booth #1553]

a leader in holistic hybrid security solutions, today unveiled Attack
Threat Monitoring, which provides real-time insights and contextual
awareness of the global DDoS threat landscape. Attack Threat Monitoring
(ATM) provides attack insights from organizations with the smallest
internet footprint to global businesses that own IP ranges all over the

This new solution allows users to see an in-depth analysis and
assessment of the DDoS attack beyond a standard flow analysis. ATM
features a Global Situation Dashboard that provides real-time awareness
of the DDoS situation based on data received from the NSFOCUS
Network Traffic Analyzer
, a threat detection appliance that
identifies malicious traffic or third-party data flow aggregators. To
take it a step deeper, Attack Threat Monitoring provides drill-down
capability into countries from the world map providing a better view of
attack sources and targets on a hyper-local and global scale.

Historical information on DDoS attack data is also available within ATM
to provide the user with insight into the size and scope of DDoS attacks
to the organization. ATM integrates with NSFOCUS
Threat Intelligence
, a subscription service by NSFOCUS Security Labs
that provides users with actionable intelligence to minimize risk and
improve security posture across an enterprise. With this integration
users are presented with contextual information about attack sources
such as their IP reputation across ten categories, previous attack
history, and commonality with other IP addresses in the sources ASN.

Last month, NSFOCUS released the Behavior
Analysis of IP Chain-Gangs
report which analyzed the IP
Chain-Gangs attack types, volume, size of events, gang activities, and
attack rates using Attack Threat Monitoring. By studying the historical
behavior of the 80 gangs identified in the report, NSFOCUS built several
unique gang profiles within ATM to analyze their preferred attack
methodologies and how to develop a better defense system against future

“One of the most exciting features of Attack Threat Monitoring is the
comprehensive analysis and reporting,” said Richard Zhao, COO, NSFOCUS.
“With the data available to users, organizations can develop strategies
for mitigating future DDoS attacks. By building behavior profiles of
their DDoS incidents, organizations can reference these and determine
risk levels of the source traffic. This product will further help our
customers reduce risk and save money using a security solution that is
smart and simple.”

To learn more about Attack Threat Monitoring, please visit https://nsfocusglobal.com/attack-threat-monitoring/.

If you are interested in a demo of Attack Threat Monitoring at RSAC USA,
please visit the NSFOCUS booth #1553.

About NSFOCUS, Inc.

NSFOCUS, Inc., a global network and cyber security leader, protects
enterprises and carriers from advanced cyber attacks. The company’s
Intelligent Hybrid Security strategy utilizes both cloud and on-premises
security platforms, built on a foundation of real-time global threat
intelligence, to provide multi-layered, unified and dynamic protection
against advanced cyber attacks.

NSFOCUS works with Fortune Global 500 companies, including four of the
world’s five largest financial institutions, organizations in insurance,
retail, healthcare, critical infrastructure industries, as well as
government agencies. NSFOCUS has technology and channel
partners in more than 60 countries, and is a member of the Microsoft
Active Protections Program (MAPP), StopBadware.org, and the Cloud
Security Alliance (CSA).

A wholly-owned subsidiary of NSFOCUS Information Technology Co. Ltd.,
the company has operations in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and
Asia Pacific.


Kathy Dalley

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