ALTR Created Diamonds Proud Of Transparency In All Aspects Of Business

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NEW YORK, April 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — R.A. Riam Group’s innovative new venture ALTR Created Diamonds proudly reaffirms its ethical commitment to transparent business practices. As a premier luxury diamond grower, it is proud of its brand tenant to remain truthful in all business dealings with its partners and most importantly the consumer.

“The FTC issues warnings all the time with the intent to curb overreaching statements and reign in businesses and advertisers. We believe in truth in advertising and that truth generally is a far more valuable commodity, even than diamonds (irrespective of origin),” said Amish Shah, President, ALTR Created Diamonds. “The FTC warning protects its new ruling, outlining specific guidelines on what a diamond is and isn’t, and ensures that consumers are not being misled.”

ALTR is vertically aligned, and the only created diamond house with the supporting infrastructure to not only grow, cut and polish its own supply of Type IIA created diamonds, but also design, manufacture and distribute fine created diamond jewelry.  Every ALTR Created Diamond is clearly marked with its own serial number and specifications. The brand is not only a sustainable choice, but also a socially conscious one, empowering consumers through learning and knowledge.

“Because we have not ourselves examined the practices of the others, we cannot comment on any other businesses nor on whether their advertising is deceptive or not. However we want all our industry partners to adhere to FTC guidelines and this is precisely because of our optimism about increased demand for lab-grown diamonds, we think industry transparency is the best choice,” added Shah. “Moreover, we remain concerned that other competitive parties may be instigating these issues publicly to denigrate the lab grown segment collectively for other business motives. Our goal from the onset has always been to offer consumers and our partners’ clarity on products at all times, with the intent to offer the customer and honest, reliable choice between lab-grown and mined diamonds.”

ALTR Created Diamonds are known for their proprietary technology which replicate the conditions whereby diamonds form in nature, producing beautiful, luxurious diamonds. ALTR creates certified Type IIA lab grown diamonds that are identical to chemical, optical and physical composition as the world’s finest mined diamonds. All ALTR Created Diamonds carry certification from Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL).

Every ALTR Created Diamond is clearly marked with its own serial number and specifications. The brand is not only a sustainable choice, but also a socially conscious one, empowering consumers through knowledge.

ALTR Created Diamonds are currently available at over 200 retailers all over the world including in the United States, EU, China, Australia, India, Canada, Thailand, South Korea, Israel and South Africa. The brand continues to experience aggressive growth and international expansion with triple digit growth in the last year. Demand for ALTR Created Diamonds continues to fuel retail sales in all regions.

For more information on the ALTR Created Diamonds, please visit www.ALTR.NYC.

About ALTR Created Diamonds
ALTR Created Diamonds are branded lab-grown diamonds created exclusively by RIAM Group. ALTR is solely devoted to creating high-quality diamonds and stunning jewelry designed around these diamonds. The ownership of the parent company RIAM Group has 75 years of experience in the mined diamond industry. RIAM Group has the background and knowledge to bring vertical and integrated manufacturing of created diamonds and jewelry made from those diamonds to an international market. RIAM Group is the only fully vertical manufacturer of both mined diamond jewelry and created diamond jewelry. The ALTR division of the group manufactures only created diamond jewelry.

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