Haven’t Done Your Taxes? Get Organized with 1-Click

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / April 3, 2019 / According to the IRS, 20-25% of taxpayers wait until the last two weeks to prepare their tax returns.

If you have waited until now to prepare your taxes, we’ve found a brilliant little tool that could help you save hours of time gathering your records.

It’s called Get My Receipts, and was created by San Francisco-based cloudHQ. It organizes all your receipts in a Google spreadsheet, which is perfect to find expenses that you can use to claim on your tax returns.

Email Receipts

Get My Receipts works with Gmail accounts or business email accounts hosted by Google.

With one click, users can download every receipt in their inbox, complete with the date, the sale amount, the vendor, and the taxes paid each the purchase.

Perfect for Businesses

If you run a business or are a freelancer, your email receipts represent tax-deductible expenses that can lower your tax liability by hundreds or thousands of dollars – but only if you remember to claim them.

A huge number of receipts now go to our inboxes. My Amazon receipts by themselves number in the hundreds.

Student loan payments, gift receipts, donation receipts to non-profits – most of these are also delivered through email rather than through paper receipts today.

That’s why Get My Receipts is so helpful.

The data is automatically exported to your Google Sheet, letting you see all your receipts in one place.

Why Pay More Taxes?

The alternative to Get My Receipts is what we usually do, flipping through emails one by one trying to decide which ones can be deducted on our taxes – a process that takes hours or even days.

Or, we do what most people do, which is that we don’t claim as many expenses as we could, and we pay more in taxes as a result.

With a one-time cost of less than $25, Get My Receipts seems like a tool that will save most users much more than what it costs.

It’s the easiest tool we’ve ever seen for gathering financial data.

Install Get My Receipts.

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