TTC Representative Election election day! Voting begins!

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / April 11, 2019 / It’s the TTC Representative Election election day today! The TTC community is holding its first Representative Election and based on the votes, 50 representatives will be elected. After the elections, TTC mainnet Rigi will begin the Constitutional Phase, where the system is co-governed by the entire community.

The TTC Community exclaimed:

“This is the ultimate phase of independence for TTC’s mainnet Rigi.”

TTC will elect 50 Representatives from TTC’s candidate pool. These 50 Representatives will be ranked based on their votes and be given different opportunities to participate in each round of block production. In each round, 21 Representatives will be selected. After 10 rounds, 21 Representatives will be re-selected for block production from the 50 Representatives according to the latest voting results.

The TTC main network has adopted the Multi-tier BFT-DPoS as its consensus algorithm, and to secure its benefits, according to this consensus, TTC holders must elect Representatives - also known as ‘Block Producers (BP)’ - who will perform two major roles for the entire network. They will: record and sync information into the TTC blockchain and improve the consensus through proposals and public votes.

In the past two months, investors, blockchain communities, teams of developers, exchanges, and individuals from around the world have submitted their applications for the Representative position in the hopes of contributing to the TTC ecosystem. The list of candidates ranged from 28 cities and 20 countries, from Bangkok, Moscow to Beijing. Now, TTC is disclosing candidates’ portfolios to the public.

The Representative candidates come from various parts of the world and have diverse backgrounds, experiences, and businesses in cryptocurrency. Some of the impressive candidates are:

  • Hashed from Korea

  • New Protocol from Singapore

  • Bespoken from America

  • Block Crafters from Korea

  • Plutus from Korea

  • TTC WAY from Korea

  • Dodol from Korea

  • tee.tee.cee from Korea

  • Socialite from America

  • Retrica from Taiwan

  • Two Trees from Korea

  • CWF Co. from China

  • SPINode #1 from BVI

  • Siam Miners #1 from Thailand

  • Kyodai Ninjas from Japan

The TTC team has been working on building a “Blockchain for Billions” and will continue to push forward every day to turn that vision into a reality. The undertaking of such journey and the responsibility of putting TTC’s beliefs into practice is no small task. This has involved rigorous planning, organizing a highly skilled team, and manifesting our idea into a living, breathing entity. March 31st will be marked as a significant day for TTC as they migrated on to their own official mainnet Rigi. As the Representative Election occurred after the initiation of the token swap, it means that a rich and colourful TTC ecology began to realise and establish itself, with the TTC team moving closer and closer to their ultimate goal.



SOURCE: TTC Protocol

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