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In the Interview, Lawson Discussed the Psychological Triggers of Crowdfunding

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 11, 2019 / Grant Lawson, the Chief Crowdfunding Strategist at InventureX, is pleased to announce that he was recently featured in an interview on

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As Lawson told the interviewer, while there are a lot of reasons why crowdfunding has become a popular way for people to raise money for their projects, he believes that psychological triggers are now a major factor.

When asked to give examples of psychological triggers that are typically effective, Lawson said helping to inspire a sense of urgency is one way to get people to react.

“Anything that is labelled as a limited offer or something that only is going to be around while supplies last is a great way to grab attention,” Lawson noted, adding that similarly, some people are driven by the idea that they will be the first to discover something revolutionary.

As for when he and his team at InventureX are most likely to use psychological triggers to help a crowdfunding campaign, Lawson said the beginning and end of the campaign are the best times.

“That is because we are either trying to get something off the ground early on or meet deadlines at the very end,” he said, adding that many people who invest in crowdfunding campaigns tend to react the same way.

“If a person is not super early getting on a new idea, they wait until the very end. Some people like to be that final backer that fulfills an idea, so it is almost a race at times.”

When asked about his main focus during a typical day at InventureX, Lawson said he strives to figure out the best ways to market crowdfunding projects, along with reaching out to potential backers. While some projects take a bit more work, other products seem to sell themselves.

Overall, he noted, offering perks is a great way to encourage people who are on the fence to support a crowdfunding campaign.

“If they know only the first 100 backers are going to get the best deal and an added bonus, they are much more likely to jump on that opportunity,” he said.

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