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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 16, 2019 / There are many innovative payment systems in the market today. They are built on platforms like the mobile phone, the Internet, and the digital storage card. These alternative payment systems have seen encouraging or even continued growth, from the likes of Alipay, Venmo, BitPesa, Tenpay, FAST, Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Wallet, M-Pesa, Moven, BitPay, PayLah!, Dash, Transferwise, and etc.

Beyond payment systems that are based on fiat currency, the growing use of digital currency allows for more flexible, faster and more innovative payments and ways in financing goods and services. Digital currency stands out among the others. Among all the digital currency, Bitcoin is one of the most well-known cryptocurrency today, which is a subset of what is generally known as a digital currency. Bitcoin uses the power of the Internet to process its transactions. With confidence in traditional banking shaken, investors were betting heavily on the most well-known cryptocurrency, bitcoins, to offer a more stable alternative. Many investors converted their fiat money into cryptocurrency, sending the price and volume to spike.

The security of the technology used is supported using secure hash algorithms and has a good track record. The Bitcoin protocol is an open-source and is continuously improved by the developer community subject to consensus among all network users.

The digital currency revolution will have a lot of impact on the digital and physical world.

A lot of devices will be connected to each other via near-field communication (NFC).

Devices that are carried by our side or are worn on our body will contain information about our preferences, possibly our current state of health and most likely all our personal records including how much money we have. We may not need to carry physical wallets and identity cards anymore.Many people see similarities between the growth of the Internet and the growth of cryptocurrency and postulate that cryptocurrency is going to see exponential growth like the Internet. However, from the business perspective, the growth of the Internet has more to do with e-commerce and less to do with finance.
In hand of this, XTOP create the new technology and lead the trend of cryptocurrency. Compare with other exchanges, XTOP using the latest technology and improve it from day to day to make sure deliver the best experience to clients. XTOP implemented high speed transaction matching engine so that it can stably run to handle massive transactions and orders. XTOP runs 24/7 to attract investors and integrate liquidity. Besides, it also implemented API for cross platform trading robots.



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